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Good morning all. My issue started just recently. Before I get to it, here's some background info first. My PC, actually it's my wifes PC, is a. Okay, We have dealt with extremely slow internet speed with our ISP, Frontier, since we got our internet from them. They gave us Netgear modem(Or router, not very sure on the difference) And we run two desktop computers wired in and two laptops wirelessly with it. However, if you think it's wrong here are some suggestions that may help as wifi problems seem to crop up a lot on here and unfortunately there.

I've always had slow downloads from the league of legends servers for patches etc about 8MBps with peer to peer switched off and no pando. I cannot seem to figure out what is the reason for my slow speeds. My server get Mbps upload speed on The computer I am. hello i am in India, i am using utr2u router, i changed my broadband from Kbps to 2Mbps. The download speed should be around.

Upload speed tested 30 kbps and kbps. Computer is connected to router with ethernet cable and router is connected directly to modem with ethernet ca. jysn said: dude whenever i download a file using firefox or download accelerators from past two yrs its only 30 kbps its the maximum speed. My download speed on utorrent ranges from 1 to 30 kbps, never goes higher or lower and it's really annoying because last year I used to have. hello. ive been a user of utorrent for at least a year on my windows pc. i have recently shifted to mac and was thrilled to know untorrent has. basically my query is that whenever i download anything using utorrent (or others ), the combined total download speed is 30 KBPS. however if i.


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